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Idealforce staff is equipped with state of the art proprietary tools combined with the experience and the passion of solving our Client's most pressing challenges on the Talent Acquisition. Our flexible yet disciplined approach and execution strategy from start to end by treating our Client's talent acquisition objectives as our objectives is the key behind our success. We listen to our Clients very carefully in assessing their needs, we study their culture, we determine who not just fits but also can be a significant value addition to the team and organization and will make sure no stone goes unturned while evaluating the candidates for the job. By having in place such a robust and sophisticated process we make sure that we are able to facilitate lasting relationship between the employer and the employee/consultant.

  1. Quality Driven Talent Acquisition Process: At Idealforce we have invented a quality process with components that are Idealforce Differentiators and lend a winning edge to our effectiveness in the Talent Search. We have taken Quality one step further by inventing enablers and optimizers. More information about our Quality Process and the enablers/optimizers we use for the Talent Acquisition can be accessed via the secured Client Login portal.
  2. Hiring talent that most likely will succeed using Modern Methods of Sourcing: While most of the Corporate HR and other Workforce Service providers follow the traditional method of recruiting candidates from job portals which is also called as "vanilla recruiting" to pick up "job lookers", we heavily rely on professional networking tools, forums and reliable sources of referrals to get the most sought after candidates that any organization would like to have with them. Infact per latest statistics, our reliance on the job boards for sourcing is found to be only 20% and the rest 80% comes from the other modern methods we use. Most of the times we have to sell the job opportunity to such exceptional talent who many not be really looking out for a job. Some of these exceptional candidates may not even have an updated resume and may have countless options available to them. So selling the job opportunity is the key in securing these talent and that is what we as a organization is good at.
  3. Ability to evaluate all candidates to identify the top performing ones. In an economy where the unemployment rates are heading close to 2 digit and with job market flooded with candidates, identifying the top performing candidates require a mechanism to completely and comprehensively screen all the potential applicants. While most of the Corporations and Workforce solutions providers do not have the ability to screen such a large pool of candidates just because they don't have the tools or human resources to address this challenge. Idealforce uses it's built in proprietary tools to pick up the best of all candidates not just the best of the pack that got selected through the so called lottery selection process.
  4. Highest Production Ratio: We have set very high standards for ourselves when it comes to talent acquisition and we mean it when we say that. Our team is required to maintain 90% or high when it comes to Placement to Interview ratio and about the same for Interview to Submittal ratio though they will strive for 100% on both areas. Our experience says we have consistently clocked 95% or higher on an average and we are very proud of exceeding those set expectations.
  5. Acquisition Accelerators: We always reuse the knowledge we gained from our prior talent acquisition engagement we had with our clients and integrate that into our proprietary time saving tools, techniques and technologies. We then create an "Assembly line" of talent ready to come on board when an opportunity arises there by eliminating any time wastages in sourcing. These tools along with our 24x7 business model has enabled us to achieve client satisfaction ratings above 90% which is way above the industry norms.
  6. No Conflict Advantage: Our size allows us to access talent employed by Companies our larger competitors cannot approach due to conflict of interest and contractual restrictions.
  7. Evaluating and Monitoring Client Success: Our Talent Acquisition Assess Program (TAAP) measure's our Client's satisfaction against the services and solutions we provided and to identify areas of improvement.
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